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Covid-19 ACCESS

As we maintain social distancing under the authority of the South African Government. We have implemented a booking controlled access for usage of the facility to 15 individuals maximum per hour. Please book your allocated time below or on MINDBODY APP. If you are having problems booking please email gym@wellnessinmotion.co.za to resolve or if you would like to join the club. Feel free to check out our FAQ section below with regard to membership and access control.


Membership & Access Control

I am a member but cant book my access.

If you have a valid membership and you have logged into your profile and it still give you a call and not book, please contact us at gym@wellnessinmotion.co.za so that we can resolve this immediately. It probably relates to a duplicate profile and we can have that fixed in a matter of minutes to get you booking into the club!

I am a resident in the building do i still have to book

Everyone will need to register and book their time to utilise the facility accordingly. You access to booking will be allocated in the same way as a member to the club so should you also be having issues booking please refer to the point above. Only after you are verified as a member will access be granted. Should you just arrive and demand access your usage will be revoked. We will also no longer be able to keep the club open 24 hours for residents so ensure you book your usage during our operational hours.

I used to be a members prior to covid and would like to subscribe again to membership

You can subscribe to membership here. Please follow the required steps to ensure your completion correctly of membership. Should you have enjoyed previous membership on a opening special or any other type of promotional rate unfortunately these are no longer on offer and all subscription to WIMgym is R1020-00 per month on a 12 month initial term agreement with a R1500 per year COVID FOG spray sanitation fee that will be performed monthly. Should you wish to pay upfront for the year please eft R13 740 to Wellness In Motion FNB 62126434414 and email us poof of payment along with your club of choice and your cell phone number.

Can I book only on the website?

Booking can be done via our website or the MINDBODY APP. Please ensure you keep your username and password safe. If using the APP please first explore and find your club being either Wellness In Motion Emperor or Wellness In Motion Embassy and add this to your favourite so that you can easily find our schedule. In-order to book your access click on the class tab once you are at the club and simply BOOK

Can I arrive with my training partner?

No, booking and access is strictly for yourself and each person that wants to come to the facility must book for themselves individually. Failure to do so will result in the person who has not booked to leave the facility. We ask that you assist us in this regard to keep the facility within the regulations of COVID-19

What do i need to bring with me to gym?

Everyone is required to carry the following personal items at all times:

  1. Personal Sanitation - your own hand sanitiser - use this periodically throughout your visit.

  2. Towel - maintain hygiene and use this on all equipment as a barrier between yourself and the machine.

  3. Sweat towel - If you find yourself falling into the category of heavy perspiration please ensure you carry an additional sweat towel and ensure you wipe yourself so that it is not left all over the equipment and floor, should you not oblige you will be asked to leave

  4. Face mask - While difficult this is mandatory and will be required from everyone who frequents the club.

  5. Change rooms are closed - ensure you arrive for your hour and leave as your hour concludes as all amenities eg. change rooms are out of bounds and closed.  

  6. Lockers - lockers are closed - please ensure you comply accordingly

  7. Water fountain - Please bring with your own water bottle and for your own safety preferably Disposable which you must personally remove and dispose of

  8. MAT - While we do provide mats we recommend brining your own and ensuring the sanitation and hygiene of it accordingly

What are our sanitation protocols?

Our facility is sanitised through out the day consistently. As we operate probably the most exclusive boutique facility in the country our position allows us to ensure a sanitised hygienic operation for our limited members to enjoy. Furthermore we have implement a COVID YEARLY SANITATION FEE from each individual in our community of WIMgym so that we can FOG spray the facility monthly. This is a compulsory fee and should current members not wish to contribute we shall cancel membership accordingly.

We hope that our position as a boutique facility enables our limited membership base and residents the opportunity to understand and enjoy the value of our operation and understand the accompanying privilege of such community and respect it and everyone else accordingly. Please do reach out with any comments, complaints or suggestion with regard how we can better service you.